Yasmine Sedky

Yasmine Sedky

Director of Creative Services

Years in Design: 10+

Working Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish


  • Web Design 99%
  • Print Design 96%
  • App Design 93%



Yasmine Sedky is an accomplished designer with more than a decade of experience in the Houston and international business arenas.

Yasmine’s specialties include, responsive website UI (interface design), prototyping wireframes, and branding for the masses. Making not only “pretty” designs, but functional designs that lead to results. Start growing your business today, and speak to our creative team. In her previous position as Creative Director in Houston, she managed a design staff, and created numerous web design projects including, TAT (A GE partner), Service Cabana, and Ardent Global (infographics).

Today, she leads the design team at Agency Communications. Looking over the team and providing teaching and educating on design principles is her passion. She loves to answer questions and seeks to solve clients problems. Her passion and purpose drives from helping startups grow.