Weston Amaya

Maj. (Ret) Weston Amaya

Technical Consultant, Oil and Gas

Former Special Operations Commander, U.S. Army

Years in Industry: 10+

Working Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish



Weston consults with clients in the oil and gas field. As a seasoned project manager himself, he draws from his experience in the West Texas fields when he analyzes issues and considerations when one pushes any communications plan forward. Whether you are targeting small O&G sub-contractors, providers, or even downstream and distribution operations, Weston’s experience covers you.

Weston retired from U.S. Army as a Special Forces Officer with more than 10 years of leadership experience. He has experienced some of the highest-pressure combat situations of the Agency Communications team.

Weston started his Army career as an infantry officer in the 25th Infantry Division, based in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Most of his time there was spent in the sandy deserts in Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. He commanded a company of 150 men, went on more than 300 combat patrols in Samarra, Iraq, and negotiated deals with Afghan leaders the Pesh Valley, Kunar Province (one of the deadliest areas of operations for Allied troops in Afghanistan).

He went through survival school (SERE-C), Special Operations Assessment (Q-course) and received his Green Beret and lead a 12-man ODA team (Operational Detachment-Alpha/ “A-Team”) and deployed for operations in Jordan, Iraq, and classified locations under the 19th Special Forces Group.

Weston has an expertise in strategic level campaign planning with complex and politically sensitive considerations ranging from regional instability, counterterrorism to natural disasters and crisis action.

Weston left the Army in Early 2018 with three Bronze Star Medals, Special Forces tab, Ranger tab, Airborne wings, Free-fall (HALO) wings.