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Corporate E-Newsletter

Corporate E-Newsletter

Shown here: Ardent Corporate Newsletter

To thrive in the competitive maritime salvage environment, Ardent uses one of the most “fail proof” communications mechanisms to keep their clients abreast upon their international operations. As an economical approach to Ardent’s marketing and PR goals, while Agency Communications prepares their press releases, technical case studies are also prepared in a E-newsletter format to better reach clients and keep the “good work” fresh on their mind.

Ardent E-Newsletters are published quarterly. Email lists may be unsubscribed, and conform to local laws of solicitation. Agency staff are able to graph market intelligence on newsletter recipient interaction to the newsletter and further tailor editorial to refine audience targeting procedures.

Ardent came to Agency Communications, for a variety of print work, digital advertising, email advertising, and WordPress development. Ardent is currently an active client for Agency Communications.

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